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March 29th 2021

Samsara takes new lab space at Wood Centre for Innovation

The £0.5m development – now underway – will deliver laboratory facilities to answer the significant demand that has been seen in the last year from science and tech start-ups and SMEs for lab space in Oxford’s Global Health and Life Sciences District, one of the UK’s leading technology clusters delivering lifesaving developments such as the COVID-19 vaccine.

November 19th 2020

Five minutes with Mark Preston, CEO and Co-founder of Prismea

If you work in a lab, you’ll be interested in our latest interview with Mark Preston, co-founder and CEO of Prismea Ltd, developers of SampleSafe.app. SampleSafe.app is for lab technicians […]

September 17th 2019

Innovation beyond R&D – Creating a culture of innovation across the firm

Numerous firms across industries have invested heavily in their R&D departments, while ignoring the broader organization where creativity and innovation beyond R&D occur. Although advice abounds recommending firms pursue an innovation strategy, little information exists demonstrating how to go about it.

September 17th 2019

Networking for healthcare services

This networking session has been created to bring together the healthcare providers and their many great suppliers from the South West. Please join us for a cup of tea/coffee and talk with other professionals about everything ranging from nutrition, and elderly care to websites and social media tailored for healthcare providers.