Our Companies

We have a wide range of customers within WCFI. Each company is part of our innovative community,
with access to business support, flexible workspace and networking opportunities.

GeneOmics Solutions Ltd

GeneOmics Solutions Ltd offer cutting-edge Data Services and AI / Machine Learning solutions to solve complex problems in the Healthcare sector.

Black Lemon

Black Lemon catering is our centre cafe and onsite caterers. They are an ethical and sustainable cafe that cater to all diets. The cafe is run by chefs that have worked with Stella Mc Cartney, Adidas, Burberry and many others. They are deeply committed to producing their food in the most sustainable way possible.


Lurtis is a novel company created on the foundation of more than 15 years of research activity of their team members. The objective of the company is to provide artificial intelligence solutions to different industries not fully exploiting the potential of these technologies at the present.


Sportside is the global local sports club that enables sports and physical activity enthusiasts, sports clubs, teams and groups, facility providers and sports marketers and brands to connect, communicate, participate and commerce through our all encompassing, all inclusive App and Web-based Platform. Sportside’s mission is to increase and improve the physical fitness, health and mental health of the world.


We design, engineer and produce superior products to make a dynamic impact on target markets. When you work with Triteq, we become part of your journey. We do not just design and manufacture.

At the start of every project we brief the team, listen to the ideas and share our feedback with our clients. Our approach means your project is always connected with all of the teams involved, time is used effectively and clients are guaranteed maximum value. 


Ultromics develops echo-based diagnostic support tools for cardiovascular disease, the largest cause of death globally, by combining deep clinical insight with machine learning and one of the largest commercially consented echocardiographic databases in the world.