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RedShiftBio has developed a proprietary life sciences platform combining our Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS) and expertise in high powered quantum cascade lasers that provides ultra-sensitive and ultra-precise measurements of molecular structure.  These structural changes affect critical quality attributes governing the safety, efficacy, and stability of biomolecules and their raw materials.


Our mission at LabMedExpert is to provide a measurable solution to the current shortage of experienced biomedical scientists and laboratory assistants.

We believe this can be achieved by providing trainings to unexperienced biomedical graduates, offering our services by acting as a trusted external service provider for backlog services and serving as a recruitment hub, acting as the middle man and connecting potential candidates to jobs within the industry.

Human Centric Drug Discovery

We are an Oxford University spin-out improving neurology drug discovery by bringing more human data to the process. We are experts in developing, analysing and combining data from induced pluripotent stem cells, large scale genetics studies, and population health data. We identify and validate safe and effective drug targets for neurological diseases where current models aren’t working. We work with pharmaceutical partners and on in-house programmes. We are backed by the major venture capital fund Oxford Science Enterprises.

DJS Antibodies

In 2015 DJS Antibodies founded upon a vision of creating the next generation of antibody therapeutics. We developed HEPTAD, a revolutionary platform for antibody discovery, and now use this to create novel therapeutics that will have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients.

Samsara Therapeutics

Samsara’s mission is to discover new mechanisms which can restore autophagy, and at the same time new drugs which use these mechanisms for the treatment of genetically defined diseases.


We’re a UK-based CRM & eCommerce company, run by its founder, supported by a strong international management team, & financially backed by Maven Capital Partners. We createdevelop & deliver our SaaS platform, Prospect CRM, to more than 5,000 SME users worldwide.


Lurtis is a novel company created on the foundation of more than 15 years of research activity of their team members. The objective of the company is to provide artificial intelligence solutions to different industries not fully exploiting the potential of these technologies at the present.

Oxford Hospitals Charity

Oxford Hospitals Charity helps to transform care – funding the best medical equipment, research, training and facilities for our patients and staff.



Developed by Prismea, SampleSafe.app is for lab technicians and clinicians to track movement of samples around the lab. It’s a PWA, or progressive web app, that works through a browser on your phone or laptop, giving teams access to relevant data and the ability to search information on individual samples.

Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks

Our electricity distribution and transmission networks carry electricity to over 3.7 million homes and businesses across the north of the Central Belt of Scotland and also Central Southern England. Our first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to the communities we serve in Scotland and England.


Spintex has developed a spider-inspired technology platform that can create bespoke, next generation fibres and materials from a liquid protein solution. The artificially spun silk filaments are produced sustainably and efficiently. Fibres are spun from this feedstock, purely by applying a small pulling force, which forms the solid fibres through self-assembly, mimicking the spinning of the spider.


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