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Our companies

We have a wide range of customers within the Wood Centre for Innovation.
Each company is part of our innovative community, with access to business support, flexible workspace and networking opportunities.

The Oxford Centre for Innovation is our sister site which hosts an equally diverse selection of companies.

DJS Antibodies

DJS Antibodies is developing the next generation of therapeutics to treat the world’s most critical inflammatory diseases using HEPTAD, their revolutionary platform for antibody discovery. They are now owned by AbbVie.

Samsara Therapeutics

Samsara Therapeutics is developing new therapeutics that can boost autophagy to treat currently incurable neurodegenerative and rare genetic diseases, such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and ALS.

Pictura Bio

PicturaBio is commercialising its innovative imaging technology to rapidly detect pathogens by using super-resolution microscopy and machine learning. Their technology comes from six years of research in the University of Oxford’s Department of Physics.


Lumai is focused on the development of groundbreaking all-optical neural networks. With the ever-increasing computational demands of AI, optical computing offers orders of magnitude improvements in performance and power efficiency. Lumai, spun out of the experimental optics research group of Professor Alex Lvovsky at the University of Oxford, has the vision of developing end-to-end all-optical neural networks where the information flow and calculations are minimally reliant on electronic processing.

Jack Fertility

The only mail-in sperm testing company in the UK, Jack Fertility aims to change the conversation about fertility and address a gender imbalance in the lack of fertility testing and support available to men. Their at-home, mail-in sperm test kit gives men a new way to help navigate a challenging experience and, in doing so, give couples a more balanced approach to their fertility journeys. They are selling direct to consumers and then business to business in the UK with a European expansion on the horizon.

Helio Display Materials

The first joint Oxford and Cambridge university spinout, Helio uses innovations based on the outstanding properties of metal halide perovskites to create materials for a new generation of brighter, more colourful displays that use significantly less power.


RedShiftBio provides next generation platform technology enabling measurements of previously undetectable structure changes in biomolecules through a powerful new analytic technique, Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy.


Using a spider-inspired process, Spintex is artificially spinning silk that can be used in sustainable fashion textiles, advanced technical textiles, including lightweight composites for aerospace and automotive industries, and biocompatible medical textiles.


A biotech consultancy, Prismea helps streamline biodata analytics, creates cloud-based infrastructure, and develops InfoSec policies and processes tailored for individual businesses.

Oxfordshire Greentech

Oxfordshire Greentech is a business network supporting the growth of the low-carbon sector in Oxfordshire. We bring together businesses and organisations to encourage innovation, collaboration and knowledge transfer, to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable, low carbon future in Oxfordshire and the world.

Eco Connect Group

Eco Connect Group is an advisory business set up by sustainability practitioners who have operated in the industry for over three decades.

Oxford Hospitals Charity

Oxford Hospitals Charity aims to transform care by funding the best medical equipment, research, training and facilities for patients and staff in local Oxfordshire hospitals.

Dublin Offshore Ltd

We provide innovative engineering solutions to project and product developers using our comprehensive understanding of technology developed for the marine environment.

Soma Life Science Partners Limited

SOMA Life Science Partners is a multi-disciplinary business & people operations support consultancy for the life science sector.

We have first hand experience of the unique challenges faced by companies in Pharma, Biotech, Medtech & Healthcare.

Chilton Computing

Helping Businesses to Empower People to Grow & Innovate with AI, Ensuring its Accessibility for All

Lurtis Rules

Lurtis Rules designs, develops and implements AI technology for businesses in the fields of engineering, construction, health and finance to help them become more efficient, creative and innovative. Projects include developing intelligent tools to find new approaches for designing and configuring spaces and health applications to prevent dementia.

The Smart Team

The Smart Team reflects the changing world for SME businesses. Traditional management and finance structures simply don’t meet the flexibility and agility that small to medium sized businesses need in order to grow and thrive in fiercely competitive world markets.

Marks & Clerks LLP

Today, we’re a leading global intellectual property firm, working in partnership with businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the world.


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