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Latest News and Events from the Wood Centre for Innovation & Oxford Centre for Innovation

Latest Highlights: Celebrating Innovation and Collaboration at the Innovation Centres!

December 4th 2023

Another Successful Bug Lunch Event at the Wood Centre for Innovation

We’re thrilled to announce the success of our recent Bug Lunch Event at the Wood Centre for Innovation. This event saw nearly 100 attendees, bringing together companies from our Centre and Science Oxford. It was a day filled with vibrant conversations, new connections, idea exchanges, and learning more about innovation and STEM education in our community. We’re proud of how these events contribute to fostering a collaborative and innovative environment at WCFI.

Samsara Therapeutics Wins Best Emerging Biotech Award

Celebrating the achievements of our WCFI customers, Samsara Therapeutics has been awarded the Best Emerging Biotech Company at the OBN event. This accolade is a testament to their rapid progress in a challenging field, standing out across all judging criteria. Congratulations to the Samsara Therapeutics team for this significant milestone!

Oxford Hospital Charity’s First Event for the Business Community

The Oxford Hospital Charity, another valued customer of WCFI, recently launched their inaugural event aimed at the Oxfordshire business community. ‘A Celebration of Innovation’ was an evening dedicated to showcasing the incredible work happening at OUHospitals, and how the charity is advancing innovations and technology. It was a fantastic event that highlighted the intersection of healthcare and innovation.

Oxford Tech and Media Collaboration Event

We were excited to host the Oxford Tech and Media Collaboration event. This event delved into the concept of a purposeful business and featured a line-up of distinguished speakers, including our CEO. Sponsored and moderated by Freeths, the event provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for those at the forefront of tech and media.

Big Lunch Event: A Resounding Success!

We are thrilled to announce the success of our recent Bug Lunch Event at the Oxford Centre for Innovation. This gathering was a fantastic opportunity to reinforce our thriving innovation community. With approximately 80 attendees, it was a day filled with new connections, engaging conversations, and delightful food. The event exemplified our commitment to bringing together companies under the OCFI umbrella, fostering a spirit of collaboration and creativity.

Dr. Tim Balance’s Prestigious Invitation to No. 10 Downing Street

Adding to the celebratory news, Dr. Tim Balance, President of Inflection UK, has received an esteemed invitation to No. 10 Downing Street. This invitation is a testament to his influence and contribution to the UK’s innovation landscape. It’s an honour not just for Dr Balance but also for the entire OCFI community, as it underscores our commitment to nurturing leaders who make a significant impact both nationally and globally.

November 9th 2023

A Celebration of Innovation with Oxford Hospitals Charity

Wood Centre for Innovation based Oxford Hospitals Charity, together with Leonardo Royal Hotel Oxford, hosted the Oxfordshire science and business community at an inspirational event on the 6th of November to showcase some of the groundbreaking clinical projects supported by the charity. It was a celebration of innovation with impact! A […]

December 15th 2021

Samsara Therapeutics expands at the Wood Centre for Innovation

Samsara Therapeutics is expanding operations at the Wood Centre for Innovation in Oxford